Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hey Friends!

I know i've been away for a bit, new job and all! But I just wanted to post about my Directorial debut cartoon!
Last year the band "Lake of Stew" approached me through Dare to Care records and ask if I would like to do an animated video for their song "Hey Bully". I said yes indeed! Then when Bravo!Fact coughed up some dough, I got to work on it. Three months and many a friend helping out, we finished late last fall!
I'm proud to present,

HEY BULLY by Lake of Stew!

An animated video by yours truly.

It even has it's own Blog page! All Credits, Leica reel and design drawings can be found here!! CRICKET CARTOONS! Let's hope there are more to come!!


jane longman said...

Awesome! Congrats Justin!!
Mark & Jane & family

Brent Bouchard said...

Congrats on making an awesome video, and really nailing the timing and style of early-era animation. hats off to you sir.