Monday, July 07, 2008

A very fast drawing of me getting fired by my boss, for leaving his space monkey outside, in the future, on a spaceship.

A few weeks ago I was asked by a good old Friend (Erica Douglas,a teacher at Havenwood public school, whom I've known since Kindergarden) to participate in an after school reading class for an installment on illustration and cartoons. For about 40 minutes I was entertained by the most imaginative questions that only 8-10 year old kids could muster. I did my best to maintain an air of maturity as I answered there questions and share my reading interests. Eventually I ran out of time and had to conjure up this wonder of a drawing. The concept is a collaboration of about 18 kids yelling ideas at me. I wish I had kids for a boss more often. They are very forgiving, I is the result-